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Client testimonials fall under must-haves for business video marketing. We’ve written another blog that gives you a run-down of the top three videos every business needs for their digital marketing. If you haven’t read it yet, then you can find it here. Video testimonials are invaluable for building trust and converting potential customers into actual customers. So how do you go about doing it the right way?

Choose your client carefully

When thinking about which of your clients to put in front of the camera, choose carefully. You are looking for someone to both be your cheerleader and represent the sort of client you are hoping to find more of.

Don’t ask someone just because they spend the most money. Who are the clients you recently went above and beyond for? Who did you help out of a sticky situation? Are they an enthusiastic speaker? Avoid asking clients you know are very happy, but who can’t or won’t sing your praises with gusto. Some people just aren’t naturally good speakers and whilst they might be great clients, they won’t provide the testimonial you need.

Remember that you are asking this person to represent the sort of client you want. Do they look the part? do they work in the right sector? Also bear in mind that not everyone likes being in front of a camera. If you are asking a client to do something for you then consider giving them something in return like a small discount or professional favour. This will ensure that everyone gets something out of the arrangement.

Preparing for the interview

When it comes to filming good video testimonials there are lots of things to think about. Read our blog here about how to get your interviews spot on.

It’s useful to give your client any questions you want to ask in advance so they can think about what they want to say. On the other hand, don’t over rehearse as you will lose any natural warmth in what they are saying. It’s not just what they say, but how they say it that makes the difference. People are less likely to trust someone if what they are saying sounds rehearsed.

Think about how you will edit the video. It’s unlikely that they will say exactly what you want without any mistakes or irrelevant content so you will need to edit the interview. Will you have relevant cutaway footage of them using your product or service, or will you opt for a second camera during the interview so you can cut between angles? Having an alternative angle or different footage will also make the video more interesting to watch.

The Message

Keep it short. Keep it positive. Video testimonials are about helping potential customers trust your brand. Tone is everything and should aim to make people feel good about what you have to offer. It’s also worth remembering that your clients are busy people so stick to telling them what they need to know.

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