Great pictures, perfect sound and impressive motion graphics are all key ingredients for a production, but they won’t hold audience interest without a really strong story. Video storytelling can range from the simplest information film of less than a minute through to a three-hour drama.

Whatever kind of video you are making, however, it needs a story. Having a clear idea of what you want the audience to know and how to tell them is at the heart of a good project. It’s a mistake to think that business videos don’t need or don’t use storytelling.

How do you tell a good story?

When you are using video to tell a story you need to think about it from the audience’s point of view. Is your story easy to follow? Is it interesting to your audience? Does it accurately present your message? Think of your video as a journey with a beginning, a middle and an end. You are taking your audience from one place where they did not know anything about what you wanted to tell them to another place where they completely understand your message.

You need to start your video with introducing your audience to the basics – who are you, what do you do and why is it useful? Depending upon the kind of video you are making you may even decide to give your audience a little overview about what they can expect to hear and see in the rest of your video. This can be a really good technique for video blogs or films where you will be giving the audience some really good tips or information later on in your video and you don’t want your audience to switch off.

As you present the information or message you want to share, make sure you take the time to do it clearly and simply. Avoid making assumptions about what your audience does or does not know. At the end try to wrap things up with a quick summing up that briefly covers all of your main points. Try not to squeeze in too much as your audience can get confused if you pack in lots of information.

What makes good video storytelling?

The best business video storytelling is:
relevant – stick to one or two key points you want your audience to remember.
pacy – the best videos are fast and to the point.
visual – whenever possible show people what you are talking about.
people-centred – people respond more to personal stories than hard facts and figures.

Good video production should put the story first and work with clients to make sure that messages are as engaging and relevant as possible to the audience.


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