Video for schools and charities

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again – video builds trust. If people trust you they will donate money to your school, charity or project. Video for schools and charities is an excellent way to show your potential donors how their money can help. It’s also great for helping people to change behaviour. Producing video doesn’t have to be expensive either. If you have the skills you can even do it yourself.

Awareness raising

First of all, it will help people to know that your organisation exists. If no-one knows about you then they can’t help you. Video can act as a great ‘getting to know you’ exercise. Show people why you matter and who you are. A short, one-minute overview video should do the job here.

Trust building

Once people know who you are they might want to know more. This is where video can really come into its own. Good video for schools and charities might include interviews with staff or people who have been helped by your organisation, school or charity, event coverage, interviews with experts who endorse what you are doing,

Behaviour changing

Want people to do more practical things to help your cause? Show them how with short videos on different subjects.


Whether you are a fee-paying school looking for more pupils or a charity with an online shop, you need to market what you have. Video helps to sell things. It can also be working for you when your offices are closed helping people to get ready to buy.

Answer questions

If you find yourself answering a lot of the same questions about your organisation, video can save you time. Video works better than written questions and answers because your audience can see you and feel they are getting a more personal experience. You can also show people what you mean much more clearly.


Social media, your own website, YouTube… These are the obvious places to show your videos. Encourage your mailing list to share your video to help spread your reach. Consider some paid-for advertising to make sure your videos are getting in front of the right people. If you are an organisation with a lot of specialist knowledge, think about developing content for video learning platforms such as Udemy. You can offer this content for free as a form of advertising or as paid-for content to raise money.

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