If you have decided the time is right for a rebrand you are probably think about logos, graphic design and websites. But what about a video rebrand? In an age where video is becoming a staple of digital communication, it’s no longer an option to put it on the back burner. Video needs to be as much a part of your rebrand as graphics and websites.

Video is great for SEO and engaging potential customers. It’s a very quick way for your audience to get to know your brand and learn about what you have to offer. It can be accessed from any smartphones, tablets or computers with an internet connection at any time of day, all over the world. When you can’t be there, video can. Video can also be viewed on sharing sites ,such as YouTube or Vimeo, that are completely separate to your website. For this reason alone, you need video and it needs to be a core part of your brand and marketing package. So what do you need to think about?

Get onboard the video rebrand train

First of all, if you haven’t used video before, then you need to get some for the reasons outlined above. Quality is important here. Poorly filmed videos with crackly sound make your brand look bad. It’s like to turning up to an important meeting wearing only your very oldest underwear. Don’t do it. If you want to do it yourself then invest in some decent kit and learn how to do it properly. Alternatively, get someone in who knows what they are doing. We have lots of useful blog posts about getting this part spot on.

What do you want your video rebrand to do?

Video is versatile, so what do you want yours to do? If you use a sales funnel model then video can help at every stage from awareness raising to deal closing and after-sales care. A consistent library of videos for different stages will help your customers to navigate through the sales process with ease making the job of your sales team simple and straightforward.

Try a new approach

If you have used video before then a rebrand is the ideal to time to think about what you would like your video to do for you in the future. What did you like about the old videos? What didn’t you like? Is it time for a completely different approach? Video for business is often all shot in the same documentary style. This style is great for some things, but it isn’t the only game in town. If you are looking at awareness raising videos then you have a particularly good opportunity to do something distinctive.

Who does it well?

If you are looking at a new approach then a good place to start is by looking around at who is creating great videos. Have a look at our blog posts on business videos we love.

Awareness raising – Zendesk
Trust building – Square
Deal closing/upselling – Barclays

You could also have a look at some of the videos we have produced for our clients on our Vimeo channel.

Extension of your brand

Remember that your videos should be an extension of your brand. Whatever the tone or style of your video, you need consistency, easy recognition and good quality content as well as clear pictures and sound.

If you are thinking about a rebrand and want to make video a part of that then we’re always happy to chat through ideas.


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