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We’ve all see them. Those videos on YouTube where the audio is so bad as to make the video almost entirely unwatchable. ‘How To’ videos are, oddly, particularly susceptible to ‘bad sound syndrome’. You might have been looking for an answer to a particular practical problem and you think think that you have finally found the video that answers your problem perfectly only to find that it sounds like it has been recorded down a well. This makes the video unfollowable and you, as the viewer, deeply irritated. When it comes to video production services audio is often forgotten. This blog post is all about why you need to make sure that your company videos take the sound as seriously as the pictures. So, if you are thinking of making a video for your business, read on…

Location audio

Unless a production is intended to be silent or to only have music then recording good location sound is vital for any project. Bad audio can let down even the most expertly shot film and make the finished product seem of poor quality.

Snap, crackle, pop

Even if the film is for showing on YouTube the sound will be broadcast as loudly and clearly as the audience’s speakers allow. In fact, good sound is more important on films that are likely to be viewed on very small screens as the audio track will help to ‘fill in the gaps’ and keep the audience engaged.
Badly recorded sound is distracting to the viewer and will often end with them switching off or not taking in anything that has been said. When sound is recorded well your audience should not notice as they will be concentrating on the words and sounds you want them to hear rather than the crackles, hisses and bangs of a bad audio track.

Getting it right

At VideoTrack we use good high quality, broadcast microphones and recording equipment coupled with lots of experience recording sound in all sorts of different locations. For straightforward interviews in quiet locations a simple (but visible) lapel mic is often enough, but when budgets allow or circumstances require it then we recommend using a full location sound recordist with a boom mic (the fluffy microphone on a stick used on TV).

It is pretty simple really. Good sound recording will make your video shine, bad sound is guaranteed to ruin it. Remember the ears of your audience and they will remember your video for all the right reasons.


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