I’d like to share a success story with you. We work in partnership with a digital agency called AIM Internet. They provide a range of digital marketing solutions for businesses. We provide regular video content for many of their customers using our tried-and-tested VideoTrack system. This is a video production case study for one such customer – Eagle Plastics.

Video Production Case Study – Eagle Plastics

Eagle Plastics are a Leicester-based company that specialises in selling and manufacturing a huge range of different types of plastics. This is a highly competitive business arena and they were looking for an edge over their competitors. They had been considering video production for a while but had held off committing as they were not sure how to go about getting it right. We wanted to share this video production case study to show how we helped them to make video work for their business. Take a look at one of the finished videos.

How VideoTrack helped Eagle Plastics – Planning

Their story is interesting as we were not their first choice. They had, themselves, appointed a different video company to produce a short series of videos that showcased different elements of their company. They were unhappy with the results. AIM Internet brought us in at this point to help out. It is sometimes difficult to go into a business that has had its fingers burnt by a previous supplier. However, right from the start we wanted to demonstrate that at VideoTrack we do things a little differently.

We have a system that we guarantee will deliver the videos that our clients need (no-quibble money back if we don’t). Our first act was to introduce the sales and marketing team at Eagle Plastics to our system and take them through the process. By the end of our first session we had a clear plan. Furthermore, confidence in the power of video marketing had been somewhat restored.

The outcome of the planning session was a clear set of scripts and a good understanding of who the videos were to be aimed at. Knowing your audience is critical with every B2B video project and Eagle Plastics were no exception.

How VideoTrack helped Eagle Plastics – Production

Filming took place shortly after the planning session and our crew came, shot and went. Detailed planning is everything. Knowing precisely what you need to film means that disruption to the normal running of the business is minimal.

How VideoTrack helped Eagle Plastics – Post-production

Editing was a similarly smooth affair thanks to the planning process. First cuts were presented to the teams at Eagle and AIM for first viewings using our preferred project sharing system. There were a few minor changes that were turned around within a working day and the videos were signed off and uploaded to YouTube ready to be correctly optimised.

The fast turnaround meant that the videos were out working for Eagle Plastics well before they were expected.

It is always satisfying to see the commercial benefits of the videos and Eagle Plastics have been able to directly attribute sales and leads to the videos. This is the only real measure of success for a B2B video series. If they are making money or saving time then they are succeeding. Return on investment is a vital measure and one that we take very seriously.

The Final Word

Very generously James Ivison at Eagle Plastics agreed to give us a video testimonial for this video production case study. Have a look at what he has to say about his experience of working with us at VideoTrack.


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