Video Production Basics

Many of us carry around powerful video cameras as part of our smartphones. These remarkable pieces of equipment have given all of us a powerful visual communication tool. However, it’s very easy to get poor results from a good camera. In the field of B2B or B2C video marketing and communication quality is important as it’s a reflection of your brand. If you are using low-quality video to promote your business you risk turning customers off and losing sales. This blog will attempt to set out how to ensure you business videos have all got great picture quality.

The right mix

Good video production needs strong pictures. These pictures are made by a mixture of a good quality camera and an experienced camera operator. Together they can turn even everyday objects into interesting pictures that will grab audience attention. Sometimes it is enough to be in the right place at the right time to get that magical shot, but usually good picture quality needs to be worked at.

Composition – the heart of good picture quality

Composition, framing and lighting all play their part in good video production. Some parts of composition and framing are rules that can be learnt, but others involve creative choices. And that is where experience comes in handy. For example, a good-looking shot is not always the same as a shot where everything is in view. Angles, focus and shot size all make a huge difference.

Lighting – where the magic happens

Lighting is another area where it is important to have some first-hand knowledge. You need to know how lights work in certain situations and how to achieve particular looks for your video production. Interviewees or actors who look ill or tired when they are not supposed to under harsh lighting can distract audiences.

Extra equipment

In addition to the essential tripod, a good camera operator or director of photography will also have a few toys up their sleeve that are not usually available to other people. For example, track and jib are the pieces of equipment that allow the exciting, sweeping shots often seen in feature films and that raise the quality of video production above the average.

Video Production from VideoTrack

VideoTrack uses a mixture of experienced crew along with different, high-quality cameras, tripods, track and jib to create the best possible picture for our video productions. We know that making good-looking moving images goes a long way to holding audience attention and making sure your message reaches the right people in the right way. If you would like more help with your video project then give us a call on 01299 382100 or drop us an email It’s not just about the pictures though, read our blog about why good sound quality is important too.


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