Personalised Video Production

Take a look at this personalised video for Barclays Bank. You’ll notice something pretty odd about it. You may be thinking that it is perhaps a little too specific. A corporate video only aimed at people called Claire. Madness. Surely somebody is getting fired over this? No, this is personalised video production.

Personalised video production – it’s all about you

Well, you won’t be at all surprised to learn that the Barclays marketing department haven’t gone completely crazy. In fact they are taking advantage of an amazing new type of video content –
videos that speak directly to you as an individual by using your name and addressing you personally.

This kind of video isn’t made by shooting thousands of different variations but by using clever post-production wizardry.

Personalised video production – how it works

It works like this: You see an advert or an offer on the Barclays website. You are interested in the offer so add your name and other details into a web form. You submit the info and a few moments later an email appears in your inbox with a video that, amazingly, seems to be specifically made for you. Your name is all over it.

How is this possible, you think? You are drawn into the marketing and sales process with a piece of video content that builds rapport with you, the prospect, extremely quickly. We all know that rapport building is a crucial part of the sales process. Before you know it you are applying for a loan or taking on new services that the bank is offering. All as a result of a video specifically designed to appeal to your sense of ego whilst giving you the advice or opportunity that you were looking for.

‘They made a video just for me! They really do care!’

It’s graphic

The process is, of course, graphics driven. When you enter your details they are added to the video in a seamless way and delivered to you. The leader in this field is a Canadian company called Vidyard. They have pioneered the field of personalised video. Their website and offering is well worth looking at. The service doesn’t come cheap but for organisations that feel that a deeply personal approach to their video marketing will work for potential prospects it works phenomenally well.

I really love this video. Not because I particularly like the way it is made, but because of the way an innovative, powerful, technology has been used to build connections with the target audience quickly and effectively. Personalised video may not be right for your company but it is worth looking at as a truly innovative approach to video production.


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