Video Marketing Basics

In this video blog, VideoTrack’s Tom Stanhope takes you through the basics of setting up your YouTube account. To skip straight to the video, scroll down this page. Setting up a YouTube account is important to get right. Getting to grips with the fundamentals of using YouTube will help you get the most out of sharing your videos. It will also stop you from making mistakes and wasting your time.

Setting up your YouTube account for business

If you’re a YouTube newbie then following our guides to the basics should help take away the stress and worry about getting it right. YouTube is a fantastic platform for businesses to use to spread their message. You can reach a wide variety of different audiences because it has so many users. This means more people will be able to access your videos and, if you get it right, you will grow a strong audience. Good video content marketing will help to build trust and visibility, which in turn will boost customer numbers.

Video marketing is worth the effort

Finding the time to do all the marketing activities you would like to can feel impossible. Making the time to think about your video content marketing and setting up your YouTube account will pay off. It’s not a quick fix, but it will help to get your brand out there and turn undecided potential customers into solid buyers. It also has the power to improve efficiency in your business. Video makes jobs such as sales, training and after-care quicker and easier.

Finding out more

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