There are lots of articles out there telling us why video is great. And of course we think so too. But coming up with ideas for how to use it can be a bit of a sticking point. That’s why we’ve created our big list of video ideas in a free, downloadable pdf. It’s perfect for people who are just starting to get their head around the idea of using video marketing. If you aren’t really sure what you should be doing or are just looking for some new ideas then this is for you.

Video ideas for everyone

Video really is versatile. You can show an idea and tell people in a way that is engaging, easy to digest and action-friendly. Viewers know they are watching a video but they can often feel as if they have really seen something or really met someone. This builds trust and confidence. Consequently, video offers a way to tap into people’s thoughts and feelings that is immediate and consistent.

Variety is the spice of life

The possibilities of video are huge. From testimonials and how-to videos to silly virals and inspirational messages, video can offer stacks of different ways to reach an audience. Or even lots of audiences. We put 40 of our favourite video ideas together in a free downloadable pdf to hopefully inspire and motivate you into getting going with video. The list is also handy for people who already use video marketing who want to diversify or up their game.

To download the free pdf of video ideas, just sign up with your email and it will be delivered straight to your inbox. Video marketing is a great way to reach people. Its adaptability makes it perfect for connecting with your audience whoever they are. You might also be interested in our video basics pdf.

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