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This is week three of our Video Metrics Mini-series. If you’ve not had a look at our earlier video blogs on play rate and view count it might be useful as there are some key principles that are useful to understand. This week I’m taking a look at the metric of video engagement. How people engage with your video is the real test. If you have an engaged audience, you have a video that is performing well.

So what is video engagement?

Engagement is the measure of how much of your video the viewer has watched. The video engagement measurement is expressed as a percentage. So the individual engagement rate for a viewer is the percentage of the video that they watched. Engagement can also be expressed as an average. This video engagement figure, also a percentage, tells you how much of your video the audience as a whole watched on average.

With this data you can start to get a real sense of the quality and usefulness of your videos. Where it becomes particularly useful is when you see engagement shown as a graph. This kind of graph is great as you can see where people have left, what they have rewatched and if they are jumping in and around to watch particular parts of the video and, of course, if they have watched all the way to the end. This can be useful as if there is a particularly pertinent piece of information at the end, a call to action for example, then you can gauge if your audience are actually getting to see it.

Getting video engagement right

So, how do you improve your engagement rates. Here are a few points to consider:
– Keep it short. Short videos = better engagement. Simple.
– Give them what they want. This ties back into some of the things I was talking about with play rate. You need to consider if your video is meeting the needs of your audience. A great example of this is the kind of company video that promises to be a solution to a problem or the sharing of a great idea and ends up as a big advert.
– Use the engagement graphs to change your content. If people are habitually leaving at a particular point then that is a strong indicator that the video is missing the mark by or at a particular point.

Engagement is an incredibly useful tool. It can guide your video content, future productions and help adjust your existing content to reach people more effectively.


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