Video Editing is all about making choices. The choices made in the edit can either make your company video fly or kill it dead.

The choices the editor makes about which shots to use, where to end a clip, what transitions or effects to use all go together to create the finished film. A good editor is a combination of a technical expert and a storyteller.

It takes time to learn the software used for editing. But it also takes time for the process of telling stories with film to become second nature. A bad choice will stand out and turn what might be an otherwise good film into something that distracts the audience. A distracted audience won’t take the message of the film seriously.

To effectively edit requires a very powerful computer with professional level software. Trying to edit on an ordinary computer with free software often ends in frustration, crashes and lost work. This is particularly relevant with the rise of 4K Ultra High Definition video.

Most of all editing needs time and patience.

The nitty gritty of video editing

Even with a fast computer it still takes time to:
– transfer footage (large files take time to move on to a computer)
– sort through clips
– edit the story
– render (this is the process of applying effects to each frame of video and depending upon the effects used this can take a few minutes or a few hours)
– encode (again this depends on the footage being encoded, but on average 30 minutes of HD footage will take about two hours to encode for a DVD)

Editing at VideoTrack

At VideoTrack we welcome clients into our edit suite, but we also understand that people’s time is precious. For this reason we often use online video hosting to allow clients to see how a project is evolving. Client feedback at each stage of the process is an important part of how we make sure the finished video is exactly what is wanted (if not better!).

With every VideoTrack project video editing is taken very seriously and great care and attention is taken over every video. If you would like more help with your video project then give us a call on 01299 382 100 or drop us an email


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