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Do you have a career as a public speaker or want to add public speaking to your sales strategy? Video can help you land those key engagements by raising awareness, building trust and showcasing your talent. The keys to success using video are quality, consistency and solid online promotion.

Here are some ways you can use video to build your audience and secure those public speaking bookings.

1. It’s proof

Video is the proof that you can do what you say you can. It shows you standing up and talking clearly, engagingly and knowledgeably about something that has value to others. Make sure your videos include a high-quality clip of you talking at an event.

2. Trust

Regular, relevant, good-quality video will help people to trust you. They will be able to get to know you in a much more valuable way than they would by seeing your photograph and reading some text. Add new videos regularly and consistently to build up a clear picture of what you can do.

3. Value

Once your audience has seen proof of your work and started to trust your ability they will appreciate the value in what you do. When clients are booking paid speakers they need to know your value and understand the benefits to them of booking you as a speaker. Try adding some videos that help to show you as an expert at what you do.

4. Cheerleaders

Ask previous clients to give you a video testimonial outlining what a great speaker you are. This allows prospective clients to hear from a third party about the benefits of booking you, which builds trust and helps them to further see your value.

5. Quality

Make sure you are only using good-quality video to promote yourself. Bad video is worse than no video in many cases. Poor quality video will reflect on you and put off potential clients. Clear, focussed, well-composed images and clear, audible sound are essential. Take a look at some of the speakers you admire and see how they use video to gain some ideas.

6. Accurate

Don’t be tempted to mislead people with your videos. The videos you use to promote yourself need to show you at your best, but should also be accurate.

7. Promotion

Great videos are nothing without an audience. Make sure your videos are getting in front of the right people. Paid-for advertising is key to helping you do this. Leaving it up to people to happen to find your videos by chance won’t build your audience. Paid-for Facebook advertising is a great place to start. Make sure you target your audience properly and don’t cast your net too wide. Think about the people, places and subjects that only your target audience is interested in.

8. Even more promotion

Great content backed up by solid promotion really is the key. Facebook is great, but don’t forget paid-for YouTube advertising and Google Adwords as well as ensuring your own website is up to scratch and fully optimised.

Video should be one of many marketing methods you use when it comes to getting public speaking engagements, but it is a very powerful one.

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