Promotional Video Production

If you’ve read our blog about getting started with promotional video production, then you’ll know that a general overview film is really important and an excellent place to start. But where do you begin?

Keep it brief

Don’t waffle on. Give your audience exactly what they need and no more. This is an introduction, so save the in-depth stuff for another video.

Get to the point

Don’t overload your promotional video with too many facts and figures. Keep the message clear and easy to understand. All you are looking to communicate is who you are, what you do and why your customers use you. Don’t be tempted to include anything that’s not directly relevant or too technical at this stage. If you want people to know about the techy stuff, then make a separate video all about it, but don’t include it here.

Shiny, happy people

It’s obvious, but it’s easy to forget that your video needs to inspire. People should be smiling where appropriate, locations should be tidy and have visual interest. Even very normal offices can be filmed in ways that keep your viewers interested. If your location is less than fascinating, go for unusual angles, quick cuts and lots of people. You’ll be surprised by how different the space can feel.


Don’t forget to include your contact details at the end. If your promotional video is being shared away from your website this is essential. It’s worth thinking about having your logo displayed in the corner of the screen too so viewers connect your branding with the video.

Keep it real

Voiceover can be a great way to share information on a video, but it can sometimes feel a little dated. Likewise, using actors can feel a bit artificial in certain situations. If in doubt, go with real team members going about their jobs and talking about the company. If you have colleagues who are particularly enthusiastic about what they do it can work really well. Letting your potential customers get a glimpse of the people behind the business goes a long way towards building trust and encouraging sales.


What do you want your audience to do next? If you want them to take action then let them know. Keep it simple and straightforward though – watch another video or sign up to your newsletter are good examples.

If you enjoyed this blog about promotional video production then take a look at our big list of video content ideas for some inspiration.

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