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Square sell point of sale systems (tills, card payment machines etc) and they have created a video case study that really stands out. Let’s face it, point of sales is not very glamorous. But this video from Square shows how you can weave an engaging story from even the most functional of products.

A video case study that works

At VideoTrack, we like this video firstly because it looks great. A lot of care and attention has been taken to make sure it looks just right – lovely colours, nice location, stylish camerawork. Also, the audio is spot on with a good mix of voice, music and ambient sound effects. Everything is clear and easy to listen to.

Content matters

What really makes this video work, however, is the content. This video tells a simple and effective story. It draws you in and tells you not just about the product, but about the user’s life and how the product makes his life even better. It’s showing you an attractive lifestyle and putting its product right at the heart of it.

It’s not just a pretty video. There are facts and figures included that give the film substance and help to build trust. Seeing a real product user tell their story and share information about how the product helped them is very powerful. It encourages the viewer to trust in a way that text and pictures cannot.

Square have produced a really great example of a video case study that ticks all the boxes. This is the kind of video, when coupled with a good digital marketing campaign to build your audience, really works. It shows the brand off as a professional, necessary and useful part of a small business without losing sight of the human element needed for all great stories.


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