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There are lots of different people involved in a professional video production. Each person brings their own particular skill set to ensure the project goes smoothly and effectively. Whilst most corporate video production doesn’t need the same size of crew that you might find on the average feature film, there are still a lot of different roles. Here are just some of the people who may be involved in the professional video production process.

Pre-production and Production

They are in charge of the smooth running of the production. The producer is your main point of contact on the shoot. Either the producer or the director (or sometimes they are the same person) will lead interviews during shoots.

Camera Operator.
This person is in charge of camera and lights.

This is the person in charge of the practical side of the professional video production, where the camera goes, who does what and when etc.

Director of Photography.
The DoP works with the director to help make sure the picture is as close to perfect as possible. They advise on lighting, shot moves and other creative aspects of the filming process. You only find a DoP on really big shoots.

Sound recordist.
They are in charge of making sure that the sound recording is the best it can be, listening out for disruptive background noise, distorted sounds etc. Badly recorded sound can seriously let down the quality of a project so a proper sound recordist is invaluable.

Production Assistant/Runner.
This person helps to make sure everything runs smoothly by carrying out all the small but necessary jobs on the shoot.


This is the person who takes the raw footage and turns it into the finished film.

Motion Graphics Artist.
The person in charge of motion graphics is both a designer and an animator. They are often responsible for any special effects involved in the film.

Colour correction is important when using footage from lots of different sources or if footage was shot in less than ideal circumstances i.e. somewhere where lights cannot be used. Good colour correction can make the difference between footage looking great or very flat and unappealing.

DVD/Bluray Author.
This is the person who builds the DVD/Bluray compiling the menus, films, subtitles and so on in order that the DVD/Bluray not only works but is also user friendly.

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