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This week Iā€™m taking a look at play rate. If you have come across this article and video first then I suggest that you take a quick look at my first blog about view count. It will provide a foundation to some of the things that we are talking about here.

What is Play Rate?

Put simply, play rate is the percentage of page visitors who engaged with and started watching your video.

For example: You visit the website of a business you are interested in. On their homepage is a nicely placed, appealing looking video that is relevant to the questions you have about the company you are researching. You press play and watch the video right through to the end. If you are the only visitor to that site then the play rate on that particular page stands, at that moment, at 100%.

As more people visit the site the percentage will shift – unless you have a magic video that forces everyone who visits the website to watch. If you do then please contact me with your special magic video beans. I will buy. As that percentage shifts you will start to build a picture of the way visitors to your site respond to your video. With this information you can act accordingly.

Armed with an understanding of play rate you have a very useful tool for understanding if your content is in the right place. Is it where it should be? If your click-through rates are good then there is a good chance that the video is just where people are expecting and needing it to be. In other words, it is a good measure of whether the right content is in the right place.

How can I get it right?

Increasing your play rate can be as easy as following these few tips:

– Move its position on the page.
– Use an eye-catching thumbnail or one that is relevant to your target audience
– Change the copy around the video to make sure it accurately communicates its content.
– And if all else fails, move your video to a different page ā€” maybe it would be more appreciated elsewhere.
– Use a larger embedded video

So, in summary, play rates are a great indicator that your video is in the right place at the right time. If your play rates are low consider using a few of the ideas above and measure the results.


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