We recently exhibited at our first business show. It made us have a good think about how to use video at an exhibition. We have created trade show videos for clients a number of times, but doing it for yourself starts you thinking about it in a whole new way. Here are our top tips for creating successful exhibition videos. Some we managed to do, some are on our list for next time.

Promo Videos – Start early

Using video begins before the event. Quick, simple videos promoting your stand at the exhibition are a good way to help people. Use them to advertise offers or giveaways and encourage people to visit you. These don’t need to be long or fancy to have an effect. Share them on social networks and look at targeting other exhibitors or people who you know have been there before.

Exhibition Videos – Big and bold

A colleague describes trade show videos as moving wallpaper and that really is what they are. All you want the video to do is to catch the eye of someone as they go past so they stop and consider what you have to offer. As a consequence you want your video to be big and bold. Go for bright eye-catching colours, quick cuts, smiling people and big camera moves.

Exhibition Videos – Forget the audio

Business shows are noisy. Don’t bother adding to the sound levels with your video. Design any exhibitions videos to play silently and you won’t find yourself shouting over the top of it.

Exhibition Videos – Say it with words

If you haven’t got audio, then think about on-screen text to share any key pieces of information. Ideally this should be bright, short, easy to read and move on the screen to keep people’s attention.

Display equipment – size matters

You need to think about what you are using to display your video. Bigger is better in this case if you want people passing your stand to be able to easily see what’s on the screen.

Exhibition Videos – It’s good to share

If you want people to be able to walk away with your video to watch at a later date then there are lots of ways to do this. DVDs are still an option, but chances are they will end up in the bin. Directing people to your website or social platforms is probably a better bet. Bluetooth can do the job too. We’re interested in how the new YouTube Go app will help with this. It’s only available in certain areas at the moment, but it has a function for local sharing over bluetooth, which might prove interesting.

Follow-up videos – Nice to have

You might want to consider doing a quick video blog piece from the event. This was certainly our plan, but we found we didn’t have time. If we had more bodies with us then we would have tried to fit this in as it makes a nice follow-up piece that you can easily share.

You might like our big list of video ideas to get you started.

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