VideoTrack ChannelBuilder offers regular video content

ChannelBuilder Studio is ideal for experts, professional speakers and people looking to share their thoughts or knowledge regularly. Clients are invited to our studio six times a year to record eight or nine pieces to camera that are then edited into weekly video blogs.

Video Blogs made easy – how it works

The whole process of creating blog content is made as painless as possible. Mapping out your video blogs for the year is taken care of with a two-hour planning session. We use a tried and tested set of questions to get to the heart of what you need and how it will work for you. This session results in a clear plan with a breakdown of what will be covered in each blog. Before the first filming date we can supply tip sheets on what to wear, what to bring and a few pointers on presenting to camera so you are ready to go.


When you arrive at our studio you will have time to chat over any ideas or thoughts you might have about the filming and take some time to get yourself ready. When you are ready to begin we’ll position you in front of the camera and talk over any key things to remember when being filmed. Once the filming is over you can then go away knowing that someone else is taking care of the finished films. Once the video blogs have been edited we will share them with you through a private video sharing site and you can see if there are any changes needed. We will make any changes for you and then post the final videos to your chosen platform such as Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. There is no need to worry about the management of your videos online as we will make sure they are all properly optimised for you.

Why choose ChannelBuilder Studio?

ChannelBuilder Studio is excellent for raising profiles and building reputations. Video helps potential customers or funders get to know you and earn their trust quickly and easily. This makes it a great tool for drumming up new business and turning potential customers into actual customers. Video is also brilliant at improve Google ranking and sharing over social media helping you to get noticed by the right people. For these reasons lots of people are already using video.

VideoTrack is different because we have a tried and tested system that works. The time-consuming pain of creating video content is taken away. We help you plan and then take care of the filming and editing ensuring your videos are of the best quality with strong, clear messages to make them stand out. Last, but not least, we make sure your videos are getting out there and reaching the right audience. This is all backed up with our cash-flow-friendly spreadable payments, money-back guarantee and hands-on after-care.

I’d certainly recommend working with VideoTrack… it’s a great way to get really effective, professional video produced.
Sarah Whitticase

AIM Internet

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