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We have all seen great examples of documentary-style business videos, but there are other styles of video are out there too that are worth a look. Creating a business to business video that is witty, engaging and memorable is entirely possible. Furthermore, it doesn’t need to be a huge, lavish production that can only be achieved with big budgets. Fun, creative business videos are a real option for even small businesses.

This video from Zendesk is simple, funny and sticks in the memory. Whilst Zendesk are a big company their videos are small-scale, story-driven nuggets.

Business video that is ‘the business’

At VideoTrack we love a good story and this video does that beautifully. It sets up an expectation and then turns it around to great effect whilst still getting in some solid product information. It sits squarely in the awareness raising part of the marketing funnel. As a result it is aiming to get your interest rather than give you stacks of information. The video is then backed up on their YouTube channel with plenty of other videos. These offer case studies and hard information as well as other light-hearted content. The advert brings you to their channel, but once you are there then there is plenty of extra content to educate you about their products.

Zendesk recently went through a rebrand. They made a conscious effort to continue with their image as a business that does things differently. Although they are a company that creates something which many people see as boring (customer support software), they wanted to build on their quirky marketing style to make them stand out in the market place. It also plays on their central idea that their software and related products are all about building better (business) relationships.

The production values are simple. They don’t rely on fancy graphics, eye-catching locations or a cast of thousands. Instead the video uses a good script, solid camerawork and sound and two engaging performances from the actors. This is very much the kind of business to business awareness raising video that suits even strict budgets. It’s all in the execution.

We hope you enjoyed our article. You can also read our previous blog post on presentation top tips.

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