Business video production basics – The Top 3

You know you need to do video. You even want to do video. But where do you start? Here are our top three videos that every business needs. Business video production basics don’t need to be tricky, but they do need to work. These three videos are the ones that will help your customers choose you over someone else.


Essential business video production basics – What and Why


1. The Overview

This is video-making basics. An overview is the quick advert for your business that tells everyone what you do and how you can help them. It doesn’t drill down too deeply, but it does make sure the viewer really knows the basics. An overview film is great for awareness raising. Think of it like friendly small talk that lets the audience know who you are and if you are interesting. This video should be short, sweet and be delivered with a big smile.


2. The Team

People like to see people. Seeing and hearing from the team behind the business builds trust and trust helps people to feel confident about buying. This is about showing your audience that they can rely on you and your products/services. There are lots of ways to approach this type of video. One way is a straightforward interview with key staff that lets your potential customer see who everyone is. Another is to show the team in action demonstrating a product or sharing some knowledge.


3. The Testimonial

Hearing from a former customer can really help to cement a potential customer’s decision to buy. A testimonial doesn’t need to be long, but it does need to be resoundingly positive. If you ask a customer to speak on your behalf, choose someone who you know will be enthusiastic. You don’t want to be damned by faint praise here. In this case, unlike the videos above, one is good, more is better. 10 people saying nice things for 10 seconds can be more persuasive than one person speaking for two minutes. That said, one powerful story can really do the job.


If you are just beginning with using business video production, these are the videos to start with. We are big believers in regular video content, if nothing else for its magical effect on a site’s Google ranking. But if you only have these three films on your site you will still make a real difference to how your potential customers see you and trust you.

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