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This week I’ll be taking a look at another method for measuring the success of your video marketing efforts – click-through rate. This measurement isn’t unique to video and you will have possibly come across it when looking at other digital marketing methods.

What is click-through rate?

Simply put, click-through rate (CTR) is the percentage of viewers that click on whatever CTA (call to action) you include in your video content. Your CTR will give you a clear indication as to how successful your video is at getting your audience to take action.

Now this is an important opportunity to bring the ‘engagement’ metric into consideration as the CTR is irrelevant if people abandon your video before they get to the CTA. Where The CTR metric is most important is if you’re looking to drive your audience on to take action after watching your video.

Click-through rates – how to get it right

To improve the CTRs in your video content, we suggest you:
– Pay close attention to your call to action. Try placing it at a different point in your video, or make it more visually appealing.
– Make sure that your engagement is sufficiently high. If viewers are dropping off before reaching your CTA then your CTR will suffer accordingly. The more of your video viewers watch, the more likely they are to click through.
– Make your CTA highly relevant to the content of your video. A random, irrelevant CTA will pretty much guarantee a low CTR

The final point is one that should be obvious but always make sure your CTA matches the video it’s placed in. It needs to be relevant and tonally similar to the rest of the video.


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