You know you need video in your business. You can see it working well for other people and you want to use it. But what kind of video? Business video does a wide variety of jobs from bringing you more customers to streamlining the sales process and training staff. It’s a great way to communicate, but where do you begin? How do you start your business video planning?

Business Video Planning and Sales Funnels

It’s all about the planning. You know who your audience is and what you want them to do, but how do you get them from there to here? When we work with businesses we always look at their sales funnel first. Where are the problem points? Is it that no-one has heard of you? Are you not getting repeat business? If you’re not familiar with sales funnels then we recommend this article. It’s a good introduction to the idea of funnels and how they work.

Video can help support your business and your customers at every step. Here are a few common problems that crop up in people’s sales funnels and how business video planning can help you to manage them.

No-one has heard of us!

This is a fairly obvious one. TV adverts have been with us for quite a while, but television is not the only place to use a video advert. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube… All these social media platforms have the ability to show video adverts. From something that sits on your own channel or page to an actual advert that runs in front of someone’s content on YouTube there are lots of ways of getting promotional video content in front of people. Why use video rather than a still image or text? Video is popular with users, it gets the point quickly, it has the powerful ability to show rather than tell and it builds trust better than text or image alone. For maximum effect you need to be prepared to pay for exposure. Getting your short advert in front of YouTube content for example isn’t free, but it will get you an audience.

Nobody trusts us

If you are reasonably well known, but know that you have an image problem then video can definitely help. Video content that shows the audience what your organisation is really like, who works there, what you do can do wonders for building trust. Tone and quality are important here and it’s vital you get them spot on to avoid doing more damage. You may even want to consider giving away a little bit of knowledge for free to show the value of what you do. This kind of content also works as the next step along the journey from adverts.

People like to look, but they don’t buy

If you find that people know what you have and like it, but don’t buy from you then there may be a few things going on. If after looking at your pricing and customer service you are confident that they are spot on, then it may be that you are not shouting enough about the benefits of being a customer. This is where video can help. Letting potential customers know about the advantages of buying from you is easily done with video. Videos that show people your great customer service, added extras or deep knowledge are great here. Even better are testimonials from previous customers telling people why they buy from you and no-one else.

Staff don’t have the knowledge to help customers properly

If you are losing sales because your staff don’t have the knowledge they need then video can offer a really cost effective way of training them. Videos can be watched at any time, (almost) anywhere. They can be paused and played again and again. They can show things as they happen, where they happen instead of in a training room.

We spend a lot of time on after-sales support

If your products are complex and you find you need to offer a lot of after-sales support then video is great for freeing up time that would normally be spent on answering queries. How-to videos can be far more effective than written instructions if your products need any setting up or maintenance. Dedicating a page on your website to how-to videos can be a massive time-saver.

Customers don’t always come back

If you find your customers don’t return it can be for a number of reasons. Quality of product, quality of service, pricing or the fact that people really only buy one of what you sell in a life-time. Sometimes, however, customers just need a gentle reminder or a little encouragement to return to you. Video is a great way to share offers, show off new products or explain updates and improvements. Giving existing customers something extra and exclusive to say thank you can be a very effective way to make sure they keep coming back.

This list isn’t exhaustive, but it does cover how video can help with several common problems for businesses. Good business video planning is at the heart of success. Video should save your business time, money or both and if you get it right, it should win new customers and help you grow.

Try our big list of video ideas for inspiration.

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