Video Production Company | What can they do for me?

From websites to social media, video is a growing part of the online world that is only set to get bigger. For this reason, most businesses know that a promotional video is something they need to think about. But how do you go about it? If you have decided to use...

Video Kit – A Quick Guide to What You Really Need.

When it comes to making your own videos, kit is important. Whilst you can get some pretty decent images off a smartphone, you will find that you will need a few additional bits and pieces to create something that looks and sounds professional. Read out quick guide to...

Business Video | Why we love this video from Zendesk

Business Video - Why this example works We have all seen great examples of documentary-style business videos, but there are other styles of video are out there too that are worth a look. Creating a business to business video that is witty, engaging and memorable is...

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