This advertising video for Beefeater Gin is a fun, light-hearted piece that uses a distinctive filming style to great effect. It’s shot using a ‘point of view’ angle that allows the viewer to experience things from one person’s perspective.This is a great style for helping the audience to identify with the subject of the film and see things from their ‘point of view’.

Point of View

Whilst the subject of the video may or may not come across as likable as a result of his actions, you are completely drawn into his world. You can taste the fruit, feel the slap and experience the morning after. Opting for a story that the audience will either love or hate helps to make the video more memorable. It may not be very original, but many people will recognise it and have a reaction to it.

The Whole Package

In addition, the rapid pace and fast music carry you along and hold your attention. The cuts between shots are quick and every shot is bright and full of visual interest. The story unfolds through actions and shots of signage to help the viewer keep track of what’s happening and where.

How it works as an advertising video

Although this is an advertising video and the product placement is fairly obvious, it’s not obtrusive. This means the audience is not left in any doubt about what the video is promoting, but is still able to enjoy it as a piece of entertainment. This makes it a great video for social sharing.

How it’s done

This video was shot using a specially adapted helmet with a single camera operator and no location sound. Whilst it is very simple in terms of crew and kit there will have been a lot of work put into planning and arranging the shots.


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