Small business video: As a small business owner, should you DIY your video?

Hello, it’s Tom from Video Track here talking to you about small business video. Today is the first of our new, regular video marketing for small and medium sized business blogs. The first question I’m going to put to you is should you be doing your own videos for your video marketing?

Should you make your own marketing videos?

It’s a really simple question, with a fairly simple answer. And actually you may be surprised to learn that I think both of these answers are entirely valid.

Small and medium-sized business owners looking to add video into their marketing often ask us this question. My answer is usually the same. However, before I get into the answer I usually ask people what their motivations and goals are when it comes to creating video marketing for small business. Understanding what results you are looking for will, every time, guide you to creating better video for your business if you are doing it yourself or getting in an expert.

Making the choice – get learning video or get a professional production expert.

I’m never going to say only get the pros to do it, there’s always room for doing your own video. However, you have to make a decision, and the decision is do you want to spend the time, or do you want to spend the money? If you’ve got the time in your business, doing it yourself is a really good option.

You can take time to learn how to shoot, you can take time to learn how to edit. And you can create good video content yourself. But, it will take time. Often far more than you think it is going to. It can be incredibly satisfying to take a project from idea to going live and seeing the benefits.

You probably have the tools to start making video in your pocket. We all carry these phones around in our pockets with amazing cameras, and all it requires is a mic and a stand, and maybe a light, and you’ve got the capacity to make decent videos.

Small business video doesn’t have to be hard.

However, if you are busy, and if you’re time poor, and you’ve got the cash to spend, I’d always recommend getting in a professional to do it – here’s our take on why you should use a pro. It’s fairly simple equation, if you’ve got the time, do it yourself, if you’ve got the money, get
somebody else in to do it.

I hope that tip has been useful, I hope it’s got you thinking about how you can be doing video in your business. There are plenty of good resources out there. Here’s one to get you started.

Join me again tomorrow for more tips, hints, and thoughts about video marketing for your business. Thanks for reading. See you next time.

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